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Strengthening of Artificial Insemination Services through Skill Development of Rural Youth (Phase I) As of today the requirement of AI Technician is 16000. The L&DD Deptt has employed 900 technicians & approximately 3000 AI Technicians are working under their self-employment. Hence, there exists a deficiency of 75 % AI Technicians. Under the existing financial constraints it not possible for the government to spare public money to give employment on permanent basis, so the only way out is to initiate such schemes that facilitate rural youth force to earn their lively hood through self-employment. This initiative of PLDDB will help in saving provincial government Rs. 360 million annually in Phase – I and Rs. 2 billion subsequently. The calving interval as per official record is one calf in 2 years period, whereas as per PLDDB general survey the calving period varies between 2 to 4 years and it is indeed a serious issue warranting immediate remedial measures on short and long term basis. The initiative launched by the PLDDB aims to enhance productivoity along with income and employment of rural youth through training of existing as well as new livestock service providers in Artificial Insemination and better extension services through women empowerment. Therefore three years project has been launched in Phase-1 wherein 4000 youth force will be inducted (2000 young men as Artificial Insemination Assistant (AIA) & 2000 females as Women Livestock Extension Workers) commencing from the Southern Punjab and gradually covering entire Province of Punjab. The major interventions in project will include:

Training of BIT

The criteria for inducting youth force as AIA is that individual having a minimum qualification of Matric preferably with Science subjects will be eligible and selected for three months training solely on merit. The trainees will sign a bond with PLDDB that after successful completion of training they will serve the project for three years only. Training has been organized by affiliating with the Punjab Vocational Training Council in selected institutes, e.g., CEBG, UVAS, UAF, AVS, LSTC and MF Lahore etc., by hiring the services of the qualified professional trainers. The individual during the training period will be given a stipend of Rs.3000 per month. After qualifying the training, each AIA will be paid Rs.7000 per month, besides giving performance based annual increment. It is expected that 2000 AIA working in the field will facilitate in enhancing 0.485 calves each year (50% will be males & equal numbers female) there by contributing in enhancing the milk & beef yield a great deal as well facilitating indirectly to open self-employment job opportunities for thousands of youth force in the rural area. The successful completion of Phase – I will make a base for launching Phase – II to make livestock sector grow as an industry. The project in totality will help in saving Rs.2.889 Billion annual pay & allowances besides pension etc which would also be consuming sizeable budget.

Training of Women Livestock Extension Worker (WLEW):

In the rural areas, the Livestock is mainly looked after by the women. Heat detection and insemination at proper time plays a key role in the efficient breeding of livestock. Through this project, a Middle or Primary pass rural woman will be trained and equipped as focal person for this initiative. A modular need based trainings will be given to these WLEWs, preferably in their own localities. WLEWs will be provided support in the shape ofBalanced Ration, Silage, Hay and other livestock related commodities for sale in the village. She will sell these commodities through her extension skills and will earn her livelihood. WLEW will also be trained and facilitated in data recording of livestock.The successful trainees will sign a bonded employment through agreement with PLDDB to serve the project for three years at a salary of Rs.3000/ per month. In this way rural women will be having three sources of income:

  • Stipend from PLDDB
  • Share from AIA
  • Through sales of Vanda, Silage, Hay etc

Socio- Economic Benefits:

  • The project is planned to directly target poverty reduction through creation of sustainable livelihood.
  • The project would also ensure propagation of quality breeds of livestock.
  • TDistribution of Motor cycles, AI kits, Cameras and Cell Phones to the AIAs and Balanced Ration, Silage, Hay, etc to WLEWs will motivate the vulnerable rural youth for self sustainability.
  • About 4000 (2000 Male + 2000 Female) rural youth would be ultimately self- employed through these initiatives in a period of five years.
  • This project will help in strengthening of local AI and reproductive advisory services by L&DD department.
  • Income generation for rural youth through provision of AI training will also solve food security issues at gross root level.
  • Through the project interventions, calving interval will reduce significantly.
  • Direct and indirect financial and social impacts of the project through trained manpower will cause an increase in production of milk and meat to the tune of Rs. 210.6 Billion.

PLDDB has been aimed to develop Livestock & Dairy sector of the Punjab while facilitating small & large farmers in production, processing & marketing with the latest infrastructure and modern farming technologies to improve their animals’ genetics and milk/ meat production ratio.


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