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Steps into Sustainable Livestock Farming

Latest technology is allowing Livestock and Agriculture farmers to be more productive , more profitable and more sustainable than ever before. Agri-Livestock industry as a whole is being impacted by much more high tech development.

Livestock Farming

Livestock farming is specialized to produce milk, meat and other animal related product across the world. PLDDB rearing pure breed of Sahiwal cow, Kajli sheep and Beetal goat.

Water Management

Water Management of an Agro-livestock farm is very necessary. PLDDB have canal irrigation, tube wells and turbines for irrigation purpose of land.


For healthy and high performance dairy cows need proper nutrition. PLDDB used TMR method of feeding that combines feed and formulate to a specific nutrient content into single feed mix.


PLDDB cultivates variety of fodder for their LES animals. Maize crop, Lobia, jenter, barseeem, Alfa alfa and Rhodes grass are cultivated by the farm management.

Better Habitat

LES is the place with best facilities for animals. Better habitat increase the animals’ performance in term of yield of milk & meat and also help in production of healthy progeny.

Training culture

“Punjab Ghar” is social mobilizing center, where young farmers get information regarding emergence of new technology and its used in Agri-livestock sector.

Internship with Us

The year-long Apprenticeship program is available for people who have worked for at least one season on a farm.

Apprentices help out with all aspects of the farm ranch.

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Each season the farm has interns that work and live on the farm to fulfill their degree requirements. Interns will get the full farm experience on-farm education, and more. We provide a desirable learning experience to interns each summer which help them in future.

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PLDDB has orange, Musami and fruiters orchards spread on the 37 acres. PLDDB grows export quality fresh oranges. Every year we produce a good amount of citrus fruits.

Cattle Biodiversity

PLDDB believes in cattle biodiversity. Conservation and sustainable use of cattle genetic resources are important due to the multiple benefits provided by local breeds.

Hay Making

PLDDB introduce ALFA AlFA and Rhode grass hey in the market. Our aim to shift variety of preserved fodder paradigm to local community to cope with scarcity situation.

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Farm Mechanization

Farm Mechanization is a process of using latest agricultural and livestock related machinery, heavily increase farm efficiency & performance. In modern era, man power shifted on powered machinery which more beneficial for production of agriculture as well as livestock. LES farm is mechanized by the effort of progressive think tank of the company. Turk Coordination Company TiKA also help in farm machination by installing milking parlor and other agriculture machinery.

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    Let us provide you best quality products

    PLDDB Quality Products

    Quality feed increase....animal production

    Punjab Livestock and Dairy Development Board not only conserve pure breed of cattle but also marketed its products with company label. PLDDB Punjab Silage and Sucha Wanda are quality products of the company and trusted by the small and commercial farmers across the Pakistan. Punjab Pure Milk is another quality product of the company. It is pure hygienic pasteurized milk with no preservative & additives.

    • Full of Nutrition
    • Availability Throughout the Year
    • Provide Quality Feed
    • No Additives, Preservative
    • Maintain Hygiene Standards
    • Farm to Kitchen Pure Milk

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    Milk Sale Points

    What inspires us?

    Smiles are True

    PLDDB works hard for community benefit and show great care towards their customers. Punjab Silage is farmers’ first choice.  We are doing our best to promote best quality product in the market.

    Healthy Animal

    We take good care of our animals, provide them value nutrition & balanced feed. Our doctor gives them seasonal vaccination, make their environment healthy and hygienic.

    Animal Feed

    PLDDB provide their Animals proper nutritive feed. We fed our animals on green fodder, palatable Wanda, total mix ration, silage and good quantity of minerals and mixers according to their age, production and gender.

    Biodynamic Farming

    PLDDB believes in adopting modern techniques in the farming world. Biodynamic farming is a holistic way of managing the livestock and crops together.

    Young Male Stock

    PLDDB raises pure Sahiwal bull and Kajlee sheep for sacrificial purpose. We provide our customer best quality animals on Eid occasion. Kajlee sheep lambs are available from the age of 90 to 120 days.

    Let’s introduce sustainable Agro-livestock farming!

    CEO’s Words

    They work Relentlessly

    Our Experts

    Mr. Nazir Satti

    Senior Manager Finance & Admin

    Dr. Hafiz Fayyaz

    Senior Manager Farm (Khizerabad)

    Mr. Nayyer Sial

    Project Executive (Silage)

    Dr. Muhammad Irfan

    Project Head (Milk)

    PLDDB has been aimed to develop Livestock & Dairy sector of the Punjab while facilitating small & large farmers in production, processing & marketing with the latest infrastructure and modern farming technologies to improve their animals’ genetics and milk/ meat production ratio.


    273B, Block B, Revenue Society, PIA Road, Lahore
    Phone 042-99333045-6
    Toll free: 0800-75332
    Fax: 042-99333047

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