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Biodynamic Farming

PLDDB believes in adopting modern techniques in the farming world. Biodynamic farming is a holistic way of managing the livestock and crops together so that we have understand the true spirt and beneficial mutual organic relationship between the rearing the livestock and cultivation the alternative crops together.

Biodiversity Cultivates the Biodynamic Farming

Biodynamic farming have key feature of the biodiversity in crops and livestock spices. PLDDB have pure breed of Sahiwal cow and Kajli Sheep now by the time passing Beetal goat farming also added. Cash crops along with fodder crops are also cultivated and every season more diverse crops are sown at the farm.

Jobs Opportunities

Sr. Title Job Details Job Posted On  Status
1 Machinery Downlaod Job Details 17 Jan 2022 Closed
2 Security Guard Downlaod Job Details 17 Jan 2022 closed
3 Machinery Operator Machinery Operator 02 Apr 2022 Closed
4 Field Jobs in Punjab Field Jobs 07-Jul-2022 Closed

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PLDDB Head Office

PLDDB head office is managing these sections. Admin is the backbone, Accounts Department Look after Finance Matters, Procurement dealing with purchase and IT Department manage Networks and Development.

LES Farm

At LES Farm, there is huge attraction for agri-scientist and livestock specialists. Dairy section and agri section look forward for enthusiastic, well education and technical sound team members for the betterment of farm.


PLDDB manage several sites of silage project. We need seasonal labor along with machinery operators, sales officers and production team for smooth working. we are always welcome professional member for our team.

PLDDB has been aimed to develop Livestock & Dairy sector of the Punjab while facilitating small & large farmers in production, processing & marketing with the latest infrastructure and modern farming technologies to improve their animals’ genetics and milk/ meat production ratio.


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